Maintenance & Balance

Hairfacts for Men and Women


Men and women can now enjoy the benefits of supplements designed with their needs in mind.  Hairfacts cyclical therapy is a science based, hormonal balancer to encourage positive hair growth. Providing essential vitamins for deficiencies and total wellness.

Zifam Wellness Vitamins


Complete balance is what you can count on.  We go beyond hair care and strive for total wellness.  Full line of nutritional supplements to bring balance to the entire body.  



Enhance your lifestyle and go the extra mile.  We have alkaline water filters for showers and personal water bottles to help regulate the body PH levels.

Organic Maintenance


Now offering a full organic line of products for proper follicular maintenance.  Hair colors, shampoos/conditoners, follicle drops, strengthening sprays, detox shampoo, and therapeutic scalp sprays. 

Home Maintenance


Need to restock your hair pantry? Stop in today for a complete line of products. Shampoos, conditioners, hair wraps, combs, and brushes are available for purchase.



Looking for tricks of the trade?  Come get the 411 on all things hair tools.  Get insider knowledge on the best equipment for home use.