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What is a Trichologist?


A Trichologist is a Licensed Cosmetologist, that has undergone advanced, and extensive studies to become certified to treat areas of the hair and scalp. Particularly, pertaining to hair loss and various scalp disorders.

A Trichologist does not diagnose, we are not medical doctors. We act as an intermediary between cosmetology and dermatology.  We are an elite team of trained professionals that wanted to bring greater integrity into our industry through education and science.


Does it work?

 This is the most asked question.  The answer is yes. If you're compliant and successfully decode your triggers.  You are only as successful as your commitment.  The protocol is designed to bring complete balance and wellness to the overall body. When that process occurs the results are feeling better, clearer skin, and restoration.  Any success plan begins with truth to yourself.  Be honest with what is required, and what you are willing to dedicate to this program.

Whether it is a diet, a new budget, or goal you want to obtain, there are going to be times that you will feel or see a plateau happening. This is why Complete Hair Solutions has implemented a program that keeps both parties compliant throughout your treatment plan.  No matter if your treatment is 6 weeks or 16 weeks, CHS work hard to bridge the gap and bring you closer to the goal.

*Note: results are based on case and clients determined hair loss.

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Can I afford it?

 The immediate response is can you afford NOT to???  Hair loss almost never reverses on its own measure. Often times when hair loss if 1st noticed it is estimated that 50% of the loss has already taken place.  Think of the time that has past since your first observation.

CHS offers several options for payments. Acceptable forms of payment are all Major CC, ApplePay/AndroidPay, Cash, HSA & FSA benefits cards and manageable in-house payment plans. 

Each program has been carefully measured to account for products on demand, nutritional supplements, home maintenance products included in most packages, and each week of treatment. It is designed to keep the integrity of a successful treatment plan to ensure you see the results you desire.

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Common Questions


Are consultations private?

Yes, we make every effort to keep the privacy of our clients and their unique hair loss circumstances in complete confidence. We close off the Clinical-Spa for all consultations.

What types of hair loss can you treat?

  • Alopecia
  • Alopecia Areta
  • Androgenetic
  • Male Patterned Baldness
  • Hormonal
  • Traction Alopecia
  • CCCA-Central Centrifugal Ciciatrical Alopecia
  • Psoriasis
  • Scalp Dermatitis
  • Telogen Effluvium
  • Thinning Hair
  • Nutritional Deficiency
  • Scaring/non-scaring Alopecia and many more

How long is restoration and what does it include?

Each restoration case and client will be different.  It is hard to project such a wide topic that can have many variables on a successful treatment plan.  We can advice that treatment duration for in-clinic services can be as short as 8 weeks up to 6 months. *Full restoration for some clients could be up to a year. Each Clinical-Spa appointment includes scalp services for cellular regeneration.  Some manipulates may include LLLT Therapy, Massage Combs, Violet Frequency, Oxygen Spray, Mesotherapy, and Nutritional Consultations.

Can I just purchase the products?

Yes, all products are available for retail. We have a vast variety of wellness products, essential oils, and maintenance products.  Please be mindful that restoration will possibly take longer without the clinical in-salon guidance of your practitioner.  It is advisable to schedule maintenance check ins monthly to stay on track.

Can I get restoration if I'm seeing a dermatologist?

Yes, we support medical physicians in every way.  We do not ask or require to discontinue ANY advice, prescription, or official doctors orders.  We work with physicians for your benefit to achieve the highest results.  

How do get started?

The consultation is the most important component. It is hard to project the journey ahead, if you haven't understood the road traveled.

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